Fred and the Teapot

The lovely thing about making things is that sometimes you find another maker who loves your stuff and you love their’s This presents an opportunity for a SWAP! I happen to be a tea addict and was in need of a teapot to replace my aged and cracked one.  I had seen a very special teapot from a well known ceramic artist and was waiting for a birthday or Christmas to arrive so I could justify the purchase.  However, I then came across an even more lovely teapot at a friend’s house and it just so happened her sister was the maker.  Negotiations opened and we agreed that a teapot would be made in exchange for one of my characters.  Unfortunately I can’t just create my little people on a whim, I have to find the right piece of driftwood for the body and then find appropriate arms and legs. It can be a long drawn out process before a fully limbed person is created! In this case it was a few months.

The ceramic artist is Alison Hanvey, she’s based in Northern Ireland and I absolutely love her work.  Alison sent me a photo of my teapot and a week or so later I sent her photos of a couple of chaps for her to choose between.  She chose Fred, I miss him dearly but I love my teapot and I know he’s very happy in his new home.

Fred enjoying the herb garden before he left for Northern Ireland

                   IMG_4015      IMG_0559

My beautiful teapot and matching mug